If you need extra assistance or are a wheelchair user, please come to the venue at least 40 minutes before the start of the event. That way we can help you the best way possible.

All venues of be•at are equipped for the reception of persons with specific needs. We strive to welcome you as best we can and to let you enjoy a concert or show in the best conditions.

Book your places by phone or contact us via the contact form. This way we can make the right booking for you.

The Proximus Pop-Up Arena Middelkerke has a special entrance for wheelchair users. Our volunteers will guide you from there to your place in the arena.

Hearing impaired

Deaf and hard of hearing persons can bring the interpreter of their choice. They can also ask the organizer of the event to provide an interpreter. In that case, we will consider together whether this request is reasonable. Contact the customer service department to discuss this.

Visually impaired

If you would like to attend an event with a guide dog for the blind, please contact us.

Wheelchair users

In the Proximus Pop-Up Arena Middelkerke there are reserved spaces for wheelchair users and the persons accompanying them. These places, like those of all other price categories, are limited in number. So don’t hesitate to book your place right away! There is room for one escort per wheelchair user. Tele Ticket Service will be happy to check whether exceptions are possible to place families together, for example, but unfortunately (and certainly for larger groups) this is not always possible.

Parking for holders of an EU parking card for people with disabilities

Through public car park 1, wheelchair users and their companion(s) can park near the entrance of the arena. Please follow the instructions of the parking attendants. First aid staff are present at the entrance to escor wheelchair users to their seats in the venue.

The reserved parking spots are available up until 30 minutes before the start of the event. We would like to inform you that strict control is maintained on these reserved spots. So please keep your EU parking card for people with disabilities, ID and entrance ticket ready to show to our parking attendants.

Are you temporarily less mobile?

Are you temporarily less mobile due to an accident or surgery and do not have an EU parking card for people with disabilities? Then please contact us in advance. That way we can help you in the best way possible.

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